Reviews: Were I With Thee

“A very creative project that assembles Michelle Areyzaga’s inimitable soprano with Dana Brown’s elegant piano, the pair set women’s words to song…Both the artists bring a wealth of talent and skill to the equation, and with writers like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Emily Dickinson, Gabriela Mistral and many others showcased, Were I With Thee makes for a unique and captivating listening experience.” [ Read more ]

—Take Effect, April, 2022

“That the material is brought vividly to life by Areyzaga’s stirring soprano, which veritably soars throughout the recording, and Brown’s sensitive accompaniment makes the recording all the more special.

Whether singing at a hush or declaiming ecstatically at full volume, Areyzaga makes a powerful impression, and Brown shows himself to be an ever-empathetic and supportive partner. The two invested themselves fully into these performances and the project as a whole. It’s a celebration of women’s words, yes, but also a very clear confirmation of the performers’ artistry and commitment.” [ Read more ]

—Textura, February, 2022

“Solid…Masterful… interesting works that deserve further exposure…the Real Deal.”

—Chris Spector – Midwest Record, January 4, 2022

“This is the time of year, with concerts scarce on the ground while musicians share holiday time with friends and family, that I turn to new recordings for musical inspiration. A new CD by Chicago-based soprano Michelle Areyzaga and pianist Dana Brown was the perfect tonic as I stayed inside avoiding our first snowfalls of the year.” [ Read more ]

—M.L. Rantala – The Hyde Park HeraldJanuary 3, 2022